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One of the challenges of wearing and keeping a Qipao will likely be the maintenance and care...how to clean a silk or brocade Qipao without losing its shine, colour and tightly weaved structure?
Most clothing labels tend to advice on dry cleaning silk items, but as it can become expensive and is not ideal for the environment...I tend to gently handwash my silk brocade Qipao dresses in cold water and diluted or mild detergent. Remembering not to rub or knead, I usually gently swirl my brocade or silk Qipao in a bucket of cold water (with diluted detergent) and soak for 5 minutes, before putting it in a bucket of cold water (with a small amount of vinegar) to rinse out the detergent, and then a second rinse in a plain cold water. Folding the garment in 3 or 4 folds, I try to press out as much water as possible before folding it between a towel for the last press, and then hang on a hanger to dry in the bathroom (indoors as some silks may fade under the sun). Ironing can be done on the lowest setting with a towel to protect the garment. Of course how the garment washes depends on the fabric or material and you might prefer a different cleaning method to what I usually do.
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