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For the Bride
A traditional Chinese wedding costume is made up of a set of Qun Gua, phoenix coronet and a pair of red shoes.
Qun Gua
Qun Gua is a traditional Chinese wedding costume wear by the bride in ancient days, pre-dominantly in southern China. A set of Qun Gua is made up of two (2) pieces of garments which is the "Qun” refers to the straight skirt with the "Gua” referring to the top suit. This traditional costume is tailored using red clothes which is then heavily handcrafted with dragon and phoenix motif using goldwork technique; an art of embroidery using gold and silver metal threads. 
Today, Qun Gua has even evolved to use colorful crystal beads, sequins or thread to design different propitious motifs like peacock, peonies and etc. to embrace more contemporary innovation. Nevertheless; we believe that this time-honoured piece will assuredly be the most exquisite wedding costume that you will ever own.
Phoenix Coronet
A phoenix coronet is worn by the bride in ancient times. At dawn on her wedding day, the bride’s father will cover her head with either a phoenix coronet or a piece of red silk, before departing to the groom’s house. Phoenix coronet is a small crown that richly decorated with pearls, colourful sequins and beads. It’s further decorated with two (2) long tassels on both side of the coronet. 
On the wedding day, the bride wears a pair of red wedding shoes. These soft sole shoes are made from red cloth which embroidered with colourful propitious motifs.


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    Awesome! I added all your points. This game is so much fun, I’m glad you all wetand to play. :)It looks like the cheongsam isn’t as popular as ruching, but I have a similar styled idea for a layering turtleneck I might slip it in there in May or June because I’ll need layering pieces.

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