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Kwa Qun is a symbol of good fortune and full house, as the origin can be traced back to Qing Dynasty.   Legend has it the prime minister of the time was exceptionally honored by a gift from the Emperior - a bridal dress embroidered with silk thread the dragon and phoenix to the minister's daughter.    The dress itself symbolized great glory and grace, and only the Nobels and the royal family were allowed to wear them.   The minister bought the Kwa back to his home in Guangdong, and it became popular since then.
In Southern Guangdong's tradition, different relatives based on seniority wear different classes of dress.  The bride ususally wear red dress gown (褂王); elders (mother of the bride, the groom's mother) would wear a red dress in black or full black, density at 60% -75% (密五福) dress coat; relatives (also an elder, such as: aunt, aunt, sister, daughter-pro, etc.) will wear red or black, the density at 70 % -55% or 50% (中五福至五福寶). Other relatives and friends, dressed in traditional costumes should be based, does not require a dress coat.  This tradition has been followed so far till now.


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    Thank you for your information.

    I would like to buy a groom’s mother dress a red dress in black or full black, density at 60% -75% (密五福) dress coat
    Please forward the email address to me

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