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Petite Type
Straight lapel and vertical line patterns are good choices for petite women as it gives a visual effect of slender feeling.
Tall and Slim Type
Cheongsams with lighter color and heavier patterns can make the body look more settle, and therefore make the whole feels more balanced.   Top light and bottom dark color mix is also recommended.
Plump Type 
Choice of color should focus on light and not dark, with vertical pattern stripes.   Horizontal stripes and large designs will make the body look wide.  
For pear-shaped women with full hips and thighs, the dress shouldn't be shorter than an inch or two above the knee. 
To draw the attention away from your lower body, select a Qipao with a plunging V-neck, halter top or embellished neckline. A deep V-neck not only can have an elongated face, and the neck appear more slender.
Plus Size 
Most online shops and boutiques do not supply ‘plus size’ Qipao, therefore it is recommended to go for tailor-made.
Wide Face, Stubby Neck Type:
Avoid straight collar, round neck, modern Qipao with layer of laces, pinstriped high collar, wearing Qipao with scarf or shawl as these will exaggerate the body shape and make the overall look feel unbalanced
Best to wear v-neck, low collar, collarless Qipao with slightly deep neckline.
Elongated Neck Type
Mandarin collar is still the ideal choice. It is best to choose high neck, square collar Qipao; bar patterns and colours like red and yellow light. Matching with scarf or shawl can be ideal.
Narrow and Slanting Shoulders Type 
Avoid sleeveless cheongsam.    Try sleeves with decoration, high collar, round collar or U-collar to draw away attention of shoulder.     Scarf or shawl can be used to balance out the shoulder line.
Wide Hips, Small Waist Type
This is the most typical oriental Lady body line. To choose design that emphasizes the waist line and it is best to dress modern Qipao with flared bottom.
Matured women can choose large flowers patterns, and design with laces can increase the lasting charm of matured women. For young girls, the patterns can be floweret, small check and so on.
Not too Tall Type
Choose Qipao with vertical lines in the center in order to give a visual sense of slender. With a pair of high heel or semi-high heel shoes, this style will make the figure looks more slender.


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