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Since Chinese New Year is approaching, you ladies out there would have been on the lookout for a new Cheongsam dress. 
Some tips to choose the right Cheongsam and getting a perfect fit.
The elements of Cheongsam are the collar, the sleeve, the button design, the length and the slit of the dress. 
The traditional cheongsam collar is high. Normally, the collar matches with Chinese knot buttonhole which displays an elegant look.   Ladies with longer necks look better with high collar.  Ladies with shorter necks may want to have lower collar or collarless design and make the V part a little deeper.
The length of sleeves is another unique element which helps a lot for the whole impression. The 3 types of sleeves are the short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves and sleeveless.  For ladies with slim arms may want to choose the sleeveless design, begin the cut from the shoulder.  Ladies with flabby arms and broad shoulders look better with the half sleeves or three-quarter sleeve design.
Cheongsam is designed with long length but high cut slit to display the slender legs of women, but also for purpose of a convenient movement. Nowadays, you may find different lengths such as above the knee’s length; three-quarter length and heel length are most common. For the slits types, either one slit on the side, both side slits, front side slit or back side middle slit.
Ladies who are taller with slim legs can choose heel length type and high cut slit.  Shorter ladies should avoid long dress as it will display a reversal effect by making you look shorter. Choose length which is half of your thigh level.  For ladies who have large bottoms: choose a straight-cut with a side of slit.
Cheongsam is usually made of silk, silk brocade, satin, satin brocade, velour and jacquard cotton.  Skinny ladies may choose those made of silk as the smooth and shining texture will add weight to your body shape.  Ladies with larger size can choose one which is made of satin, satin brocade and jacquard cotton as it is not a figure fitting material which can conceal your body with better effect. 


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