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This is an epic, large scale series that stars Chen Kun and financed by Hua Yi. He plays the son of a princess in the time of the last emperor, and will play his character from age 18 to 90 from the Republic of China to the 70s as he travels in the story from Taiwan to Beijing, to Shanghai and then finally to the South. The serie show how he struggle being a careless young man living in luxury to becoming a man after experiencing major events of the time and events that happen between him and four important womans in his life...


The cheongsams and qipao's presented in the drama relived the republican era of the 1920s.   The classic and graceful looks of these dresses are timeless and refreshing.   



Xiong Nai Jin 熊乃瑾 as Shui Piao Ping




Li Xiao Ran 李小冉 as Lian Wang Jun



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