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Which kind of color do you usually go for when you choose your evening cheongsam? Here, I listed four most popular evening cheongsam colors, which do you prefer?
Black gives a person the sense of elegant, mysterious and noble, and shows women’s sexy nature at the same time. If more changes or adornments of bright colors are added to the styles of the evening dress, such as hollow lace on the skirt, decorative design on the fabric, a lovely cape... the dignified feeling that black gives us will be broken. Women in black qipaos can still be sweet and lovely.
Blue represents the pure and noble temperament of a woman. Blue evening cheongsams can be so elegant and graceful. If you choose a blue evening qipao, flashy fabrics, ruching, lace, sequins or gem are essential elements to make you eye-catching in the evening!
Red represents passion and enthusiasm, if you are a lively girl, red is the best color for you! Woman in red evening cheongsam is really enchanting. The bright-colored red can make whole night burning. If you want to appear soft and sweet, dresses with lovely fuffles are good choices.
If you do not like pure color and think that one color is too monotonous, choose mixed-color. Keep in mind that too many colors will easily make you look vulgar, so the embellishments on the dress should be novel and unique. Lovely ruffle, sexy lace, sparkling sequin will make you noble and fashion.


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