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The traditional Cheongsam is using silk as the material and this type of material is more suitable for skinny women. This is because the smooth and shining of silk material will reflect more plump body shape of women. Furthermore, the silk material is more expensive and not easy for laundry which needs special hand wash or dry wash. 
Nowadays, many designers choosing satin, satin brocade and jacquard cotton as the other options of material. These 2 materials are more suitable for overall range size and become more popular. Satin and jacquard cotton are more solid and will not follow your body shape easily. 
You may choose this type of material for any formal or informal social function where it will not make you look over dress too. During summer, spring and autumn time, the material of silk, satin, velour or jacquard cotton are more suitable because it is soft, light and clear material. 
In winter time, brocade is the best material to choose for your Cheongsam. This brocade material is a heavy silk fabric with a raised design on it and sewn on with gold or silver threads.


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