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The wedding itself
The main colors worn to ceremonies in China are dictated by tradition. The colors for guests to avoid in wedding ceremonies are solid colors such as black, white or red, since these play a significant part in the wedding ceremony, and guests would not want their dress style to spoil the wedding. The clothing should be respectful in presentation, as the main emphasis of the wedding should always be on the bride and groom.
The reception
Often casual affairs, receptions take on different themes, and it is wise to find out from the bride's family what kind of theme is being considered. Long evening dresses are seldom worn, and you may feel very out of place wearing such garments. Cocktail dresses in any color except those mentioned above are the best way to go, though do be aware that items which are too revealing are not encouraged. If a theme is being introduced, make sure that you are aware of what that theme is and what is expected of you, or you may look foolish. Asking questions is better than making the mistake of dressing incorrectly for the occasion.


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