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The construction of a Qi Pao can take anything from one single day to one whole month or more, and involve one to ten skilled workers, depending on the quality, fabric, design, details such as embroidery or embellishment and craftsmenship required...as the beauty and quality of the Qipao is really down to the intricate details! To find out how the Qi Pao is made and why it can be really a work of art rather than just a dress.....from differentiating between the distinctive Mandarin collar and double piping down to the meaning of  differing as well as intricate frog, lute, plum blossom and butterfly buttons.
Today, a custom made and entirely hand-crafted Qipao requires a lengthy consultation; which can include up to 36 different and detailed measurements to get the perfect fit as well as the selection of fabric, design or pattern to compliment the wearer...may be a service reserved for the wealthy or for highly special occasions. 


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