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- Definitely agree with The Sartorialist, the eminent street fashion blog.
- His girlfriend, Garance Dore, takes very good but honestly not quite Scott Schuman-level photographs. Her bubbly, energetic outlook on fashion and life are what make her blog worth reading. 
- Tavi Williams is literally 12-going-on-too-cool-for-this-planet. In her own words, "y/n/y/y/y/y/y/y"
- Luxirare (tagline: "killer clothes. fine cuisine") pays the most incredible detail to fashion and food projects. Really, it's art. Check out this example: http://luxirare.com/chain-jacket/
- Tokyo Street Style, because everyone loves the Japanese.
- Chictopia is a community of real people posting personal pics in their favorite outfits. The best ones are tagged "inspiration" and really are the closest thing I've found that's also affordable/wearable.
- Still in Berlin is the only Sartorialist knockoff I keep in my feed. You can definitely see the harder edges, cleaner lines, and emphasis on texture, compared to what an American street fashion photographer might capture.
- personal style blog
- the best blog out there on the fashion industry, from a business perspective
- great blog on industry, trends, outfit recommendations, etc
- technically an interior design blog, but fashion people are prominent- if you've ever wanted to see the apartments of Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, etc, this is your place. 
- Mens-focused:
- Pic-intensive:
- Covers a lot of shows:
- This is a pretty good Urban Fashion blog
- guy's fashion blog - emphasis on more formal clothing


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