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Money + family = crazy. To add to this, wedding planning is *way* more work than most people expect.
Imagine putting on a 1-day-only production of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark where the principals (investors, talent, and critics) are your boyfriend, your parents, your friends from high school, and a few work colleagues. Herding cats? Check. Logistical nightmare? Check. Potential for awkward social interactions? Check. Potential for someone to fall 20-30 feet and crack a vertebrae? Okay, maybe not, but someone very well may get drunk and get inappropriately jiggy with Aunt Martha.
Very expensive + social pressure + not enough hours in the day + lack of innate detail orientation or creativity (if you're not wedding / craft / planning obsessed) = stressful!
Advice: go large (e.g., hire a wedding planner), plan 1-2 years in advance (where money is in short supply, take advantage of time and talented friends), or elope! A wedding can be the most amazing party of your life if you want it to be (but ONLY if you want it to be!), but ultimately it's about the deeply personal act of making a lifelong commitment to someone you love.


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