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Qipao is a tradtional Chinese wear, with a rich history and culture.  Nowaday it is getting common for the concept of wedding qipao.  Here are some of the things you need to know before picking a good bridal qipao.
1. The modified style with an open back modern look
2. Modified red bridal qipao 
3. Modified white / irony bridal qipao
4. Modified red bridal sweep train lace qipao
Crimson Deep Red Qipao: suitable for older brides with a more graceful and settled look.
Rose Red Qipao: suitable for younger brides for a more energetic feel.
White Bridal Qipao: suitable for brides with darker skins.
Yellow or other color: suitable for brides with a lighter skins.
Silk is suitable for spring and summer.  Brocade / cotton are better for Autumn / Winter. 


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