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In my opinion, hiring a wedding planner is really helpful.
There are many advantages of hiring a wedding planner:
1. Wedding planners have great negotiation skills so even when you have found that vendor you like, there is always a margin for negotiation and your wedding planner can actually help with that and at the same time knows how far to go with it.
2. Wedding Planners can help you save a great deal of Money and Time.
3. Wedding planners are a point of contact for your vendors. So, you need not to worry about it.
4. They will keep you on task and on budget.


Let me be very honest here. Wedding planning requires lots of coordination and managing different vendors. It is actually a herculean task. Most likely many couples have a job and other obligations that will keep them busy. The Big Fat Wedding celebrations will get fatter only with time and so will be the expectations of guests, friends & family. So in such a scenario, one can ensure that their wedding takes place just the way they always wanted, by hiring a wedding planner.


It will relieve you from all the stress as they will serve you as your point person so that you only have to deal with one contact. And most importantly, they will look after each and every detail and will be there on your big day to make sure everything runs smoothly so you can be with your family and friends!


Hope it helps :-)  


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