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If you don't have a theme or registry to go by, I would suggest thinking about the bride's tastes and needs. Will she be moving to a new place after the wedding? Is she trying to build up her kitchen, housewares, etc.? The gift certainly doesn't have to be as expensive as a wedding gift, but try to think about it being more personal and fitting the style of the bride.
Some ideas:
- recipe box
- small appliance
- bar gift set for cocktails
- monogrammed towels, dishtowels, etc.
Another nice idea if you already know what you're giving them for the wedding is to give a shower gift that hints or complements that (napkin rings for nice napkins, nice measuring or mixing tools for a mixing bowl set).


Finding bridal registries is pretty easy these days. While wedding invitations typically do not include registry info (it's considered tacky), bridal shower and engagement party invites often do (as they are hosted by someone other than the couple). If the bridal shower invite doesn't state where the couple is registered, you can check online sources. Common listings are available at: 


Wedding and Gift Registry
Target Baby, Club Wedd, Target Lists : Target
Wedding Registry, Bridal Registry & Gift Registry
Wedding Registry & Gift Registry at Bloomingdale's
Macy's|Wedding Registry, Bridal Registry, wedding gift, anniversary registry


If you aren't able to locate their registry, ask a member of the wedding party or the parents of the bride/groom. Chances are, they are registered.


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