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  • Donate it : Feel good knowing it's going to someone who will appreciate it.
  • Resell it : Make back a bit of all that money you spent.
  • Trash it : Many fun photo-ops come from "trash the dress" sessions (google it!), but other than having a fun photo op and making sure that no one else will ever be able to enjoy your dress, there's not much point to it.
  • Preserve it : There are various methods of preserving and/or displaying the dress, google up some ideas.
  • Refashion it : Dye it another color and/or cut off the bottom to refashion it as a fancy evening/cocktail dress.
  • Repurpose it : Cut it into bits and make a memory quilt, cut out a square of the prettiest section, frame it, and hang it on your wall as a memento, make a communion outfit for your firstborn grandchild, make some pocket squares for when your son/s get married- you get the idea.


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