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While brides in the west wear all white gowns for the wedding, Chinese brides wear Qun Kwa for the special days.
Even though the style of the Kwa is relatively standard compared to the bridal gowns in the West, there are still many options available for brides to choose from.
A kwa consists of an upper jacket and a long skirt. Long skirt symbolizes a woman blessed with many offsprings. A quality of a kwa can be identified by its levels of embroidery. The more dense the levels of embroidery, the more precious of the kwa.
A kwa can be called “the Empress Kwa (褂皇)” when the embroidery pattern levels cover 80%-100% of the dress. Whereas between 60-75% a kwa is called “The Grand Five Blessing (大五福)”. 55-70% called “The Mid Five Blessing (中五福)”. 50% or below called “The Small Five Blessing (小五福).” It’s not uncommon to see girls from famous families choose to wear the Empress Kwa in the weddings. 




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    Is this for rent or sell? Any suggestions where to get it?

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