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  1. A right photographer does not have to be a famous (and, expensive) photographer
  2. Before you go through a photographer’s list price and packages, keep a budget in mind. The right photographer is the one who can meet your expectations, not the other way around!
  3. A good photograph is easy, a great photograph is the combination of right lighting / strobist, hair & make-up. So you may want to do two things here – (a) Get your hair& make-up artist and your photographer to talk beforehand to agree upon the suitable make-up for the scene and (b) consider checking with photographer if he/she is going to bring a dedicated strobist or lights to your glorious day!
  4. Some wedding planners and places might give you a “package” on photography, hair & makeup, places to shoot etc. Although this may save you some time, remember they are charging you a premium for it!
  5. Rather than having your shots taken at places selected by the photographer, choose places, which are significant in your life - be it a church, your house or the place you first met! A right photographer is a one who is ready to step out of his / her comfort zone and make places that may seem boring otherwise look interesting thorough his/her creativity!

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