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  1. Donate it : Feel good knowing it's going to someone who will appreciate it.
  2. Resell it : Make back a bit of all that money you spent.
  3. Preserve it : There are various methods of preserving and/or displaying the dress, google up some ideas.
  4. Refashion it : Dye it another color and/or cut off the bottom to refashion it as a fancy evening/cocktail dress.
  5. Repurpose it : Cut it into bits and make a memory quilt, cut out a square of the prettiest section, frame it, and hang it on your wall as a memento, make a communion outfit for your firstborn grandchild, make some pocket squares for when your son/s get married- you get the idea.

I had a bride in July who had bought her dress at Brides Against Breast Cancer - I would encourage you to donate it to that awesome cause :)




  • Posted On March 25, 2015 by Salam

    This blog suggest me so many dnesgis of dresses. Thanks for sharing this blog. To be in fashion always make you bold and open. These dnesgis are unique and phenomenal. I hope you can suggest me some more dnesgis for men’s wear, too.

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