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So you’ve found your wedding gown. Awesome! Finding the perfect wedding dress to fit your style, personality, wedding locale and budget is not an easy thing. It’s not uncommon for brides to spend months on searching for a prefect dress. So, congratulations on checking that one off the list.

Now, you’ve purchased the gown and ordered the size, but now you have to ensure it fits. And that’s when the panic usually sets in.

So, let’s put some of those restless thoughts to rest right now.

First rule: Do not order your wedding dress a few sizes smaller than you normally wear on the street. Wedding dresses are made small. Generally, wedding dress sizes run at least one size larger than you would normally wear. So, if you’re a size L and you’re told you need a size XL wedding gown, now is not the time to become an anorexic, nor is it wise to order your gown in a size X because that’s what you always wear. This will only end in disaster. The dress is useless if you can’t wear it.

Ordering a gown a size smaller than you should to prompt yourself to work out and lose weight is also a poor judgment call. Remember wedding is already a rather stressful event. By stressing yourself out over a gown you know you won’t fit into unless you lose 20 lbs in 11 months is not going to make your wedding planning and prepping any easier.

The thing is fabric can be taken away, but it’s much harder to add fabric (and sometimes impossible).


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