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Qipao (aka Cheongsam) is one of the most treasured traditions in China. Wearing a qipao shows the unique grace of a woman’s body and spirit. So there is getting more common for women to wear qipao in different occasions. Yet how to pick a qipao remains quite a challenge.

1. Age

For older women, it’s ideal to wear darker colour and the qipao itself shouldn’t be not too tight. For the younger ones, it’s appropriate to wear something more rich in colours with embroidery or floral styles.

2. Style

There are now all kinds of different type of qipao to be chosen from. A traditional qipao would be suitable for formal situation and yet a modified qipao with fashionable elements is suitable for a night out or party purposes.

3. Fabric

Fabric selection is crucial and situation-dependent. Cotton is common for daily use and general purpose. Brocade, silk, and velvet are more suitable for formal events.


1. Collar height should be proportional to your neck.
2. Cap sleeves are more modest compared to sleeveless.
3. A formal qipao shouldn’t be too short. Usually at least on knee length.



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