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New shower themes sprout faster than weeds after a heavy rain, but these ten are perennial winners. Play them straight, put your own twist on them, or use list to get your own ideas flowing.

1. Alphabet Shower: every guest is assigned a letter of the alphabet and asked to bring a gift that starts with that letter.

2. Around-the-Clock Shower: guests are assigned a time of day and asked to bring a corresponding gift. Eight in the morning might elicit egg cups or juice glasses; 11 P.M. might mean a nightie.

3. Around-the-House Shower: each guest is assigned a room and brings a gift for it. The living room might get you his-and-hers bathrobes.

4. Holiday Shower: Not a good shower for basics, but a festive option if you’ve having multiple showers. Everyone is given a holiday and chooses a gift in keeping with the day.

5. Kitchen Shower: guests are asked to bring a gift to help outfit the kitchen. That could mean simple gifts like a set of dishtowels or a lemon zester, or a more elaborate pick like a mixer.

6. Lingerie Shower: another perennial favourite, the lingerie shower is ideal as a second shower. Let the host know key sizes in case guests ask for guidance.

7. Receipt Shower: guests are asked to bring a favourite receipt and the key kitchen tools needed to make it.

8. Home Improvement Shower: a popular option for couples’ showers, this theme allows the couple to get all the screwdrivers, drills, flashlights, ladders, and other gear they’ll need around the house.

9. Stock-the-Bar Shower: guests help outfit a bar.

10. Gadget Shower: guests are asked to bring a gadget that changed their lives for the better.




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