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The following hairstyles aren’t just great looks; some are also “convertible,” giving you the option of changing your style between the ceremony and the reception. It’s always quicker and easier to put your hair up in a loose ponytail or twist than to take out all those pins and let it down. Everyone’s hair texture is different, so give your style a test run before you decide. An undo is easy, elegant, cool and comfortable - especially if you plan on working up a sweet on the dance floor or your wedding is taking place in a hot, humid location; on the other hand for some brides, nothing says romance like flowing locks.

The Chignon
A chignon is an easy, elegant style for a more traditional bride who wants to look impeccably groomed. It’s also prefect if you’re a worrier - it’s a long-lasting style with great hold.

1. Start with a side or center part, or just brush your hair back off your face.
2. Gather the hair in a ponytail with an elastic at the base of the neck.
3. Loosely twist hair, and wrap around the elastic. (For a fresher, less formal style, let the ends stick out a bit.)
4. Use wide hairpins to hold hair in place.
5. Spray hair or slick on a dab of gel for extra hold.



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