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Because healthy, shiny hair never goes out of style, get yours in mind condition for the big day:

Things to do:

- Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment in the months leading up to your wedding.

- Go for your final haircut one of three weeks before the ceremony, so that it looks natural and not too-new.

- Use a heat-protection spray when you style your hair to reduce dryness and damage.

- Bring a picture of your dress to the consultation with your stylist.

Things not to do:

- Don’t wash your hair the day of the wedding if you’re going for an undo - unless you have fairly oily hair; it won’t hold the style as well. Shampoo and lightly condition the night before.

- Don’t dig the comb (for the veil or headpiece) in too deep - you’ll get a headache.

- Don’t get your hair permed less than a month before the wedding. A bit of time will soften the style.

- Don’t do anything drastic - for example, Japanese straightening, perming, chunking, relaxing - in the weeks before the wedding.



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