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What you shouldn’t do:

- the line breaks in the main body of the invitation act as punctation, so don’t use commas or periods at the end of a line. The only punctuation typically used is a period after a social title (Mr., Mrs.) and any commas used to separate phrases in the middle of a line.

- never include any reference to gifts or the registry. If you would prefer that guests make a donation to charity, you may include that information on a separate enclosure card. For suggested wording.

- if you’ve chosen not to include children, you may not mention that on the invite - it could strike some as rude. Convey who’s invited on the inner envelope. If you have reason to suspect they won’t pay attention, call them to say how sorry you are that you couldn’t invite, but that the place isn’t set up for children.

- never include information about post-wedding events on the invitation itself. Day-after brunches and after parties belong on a separate insert or on wedding websites; rehearsal dinner information should either be relegated to an insert in the invites or communicated by phone or email.



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