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There’s no law that requires you to carry a dome of flowers on your walk down the aisle. For out-of-the-box brides, here are some alternatives to a typical floral arrangement:

- Ditch the flowers and carry only greenery for a fresh, contemporary look. For an uplifting fragrance, add herbs to the arrangement.

- For a vintage, high-fashion look, carry a pomander, a ball of flowers suspended on a ribbon. It also makes a wonderful alternative for bridesmaids of flower girls.

- Adorn yourself in a flower muff or stole: Your flowers become a living accessory that covers your hands or circles your shoulders.

- Wear a floral garland for an ethereal, timeless look.

- Carry a Bible with a single flower attached.

- Incorporate fivers and feathers into your arrangement. Faux flowers may sound unappealing, but some designers can craft couture concoctions of silk or dried flowers paired with feathers, crystals, and natural flora like dried pods and berries. Best perk: The arrangement becomes a keepsake that looks beautiful on display in your home.

- Carry a strand of rosary beads. They have religious significance for the Catholic bride, and they won’t hide the front of your gown.



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