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Thank your bridesmaids for all of their efforts by organising a special get-together a day or two before the wedding. Tradition calls for bridesmaids’ luncheon, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do a breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner, or an afternoon of primping and pampering at a spa. The bride hosts and covers expenses for the event.

Besides the bridesmaids and your mother, you’ll want to invite sisters, grandmothers, the groom’s mother, and the groom’s sisters, geography permuting. If you’re particularly close to another female relative, or if someone went above and beyond (maybe she arranged the flowers or baked the cake), you’ll want to invite her as well. Invitations can be informal fill-ins or even phone calls or emails.

The groom can choose to take the groommen on some kind of outing as well; we’re not talking another bachelor party, though! A wholesome daytime activity a day or two before the wedding is a much safer bet.

This get-together can be a good time to give attendants their gifts. Be sure to toast and thank them for standing up for you.



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