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So it is not your first trip down the aisle. That used to put traditional bridal gowns off-limits, but no more. Can you wear white? Absolutely! You can even wear a veil if you choose, but skip the blusher, which is closely associated with innocence. If veils aren’t your style, find a small tiara, or put jeweled pins or fresh flowers in your hair. A long train can seem overdone for a second marriage, and some etiquette experts maintain that any train is improper. But if your dream dress involves a train, get a train. Just limit it to a short train, like a sweep, puddle, or fishtail.

The one unbreakable rule is that you must wear something that’s appropriate to your age. If you’re the other side of forty, the strapless white tulle ball gown might not work on you. Still there are many sophisticated styles you can pull off that your twenty-four-year-old counterpart cannot.


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