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When it comes to choosing wedding shoes, it's not just about looks. Think about what kind of surfaces you're going to be walking on - no one ought to be wearing spiky heels on grass, for instance. Then consider your fiance's height - you may not be confortable towering over the groom, but if he's super tall, you may want to give yourself a lift. Next, think comfort. No matter how grogeous the shoes, do not buy them if they're painful. You're going to be standing and dancing for at least five hours - maybe eight - and you don't want footwear that's going to turn into a torture device. To best assess comfort, shop late in the day when your feet are larger.

Now it's time to think about style. Look for shoes that help create one lean, uninterrupted line from head to toe. Beware of any shoes with horizontal lines that stop the eye, or of anything pancake flat. Only those blessed with runway-ready physiques can pull off a ballet flat with a long gown; the rest of us need a heel to boost the derriere and create a longer line.

With the exception of metallics, formal shoes are generally made of fabric, rather than leather. Because it dyes easily, satin is the most common material for wedding shoes, but you'll find a range from silks to linens or synthetics in a variety of finishes.

As for budget, take into consideration how visible your shoes will be under the dress you've chosen. The more visible the shoes, the more you can rationalize a splurge.





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