Yixing Clay Teapot Handmade 宜興紫砂壺


Pottery Teapot

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$79.00 USD
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Material: Qing Shui Ni
Origin Place: Yixing (宜兴), Jiangsu Province.
Sintering Temperature: 1080℃
Capacity: 200ml
Dimensions: 3”H x 5"W

Yixing tea wares made of vermilion clay have vermilion color after produced. That’s the reason the clay is called vermilion clay. This material originates in Yixing. It is tough, containing high amount of iron. Thus vermilion clay has high shrinking rate. The sinter temperature of vermilion clay is around 1080℃. The end production has fine and smooth surface and high air permeability.

Qing Shui Ni: the ore of purple clay, a kind of hematite with much mica, a common mug in the early time. Because it contains relatively smaller ratio impurities than other pungs, and the big fire won't change its shape and glaze, it is widely used. And because it is mellow ruddy, it is also called red purple clay or Hong Qing Shui. The clay looks quaint, and after long time use the same teapot to brew the same teas, the taste of tea will be better. And there are many traditional models; both the makers and teapot lovers like to use this clay.

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